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We are the American Legion Auxiliary, Unit 432 in Cambria, California.  Our membership consists of women whose sons, husbands, fathers, grandfathers, daughters, mothers and grandmothers have served in the military during war time.   We work together in supporting the aims and goals of the American Legion and numerous charitable and cause worthy organizations by conducting various fundraising campaigns and special events. 


  • The Auxiliary and the Legion are often centers for community and civic activities in mid-America, and provide a focal point for citizens' involvement.
  • The Auxiliary raises more than $18 million every year and reinvests those funds in VA medical centers and community programs.
  • Thousands of hours are devoted to crime prevention programs, instructing children, the elderly and the general public on safety, crime prevention and protection within the community.
  • Auxiliary volunteers are the backbone of assistance in the 171 VA Medical Centers.

The mission of the American Legion Auxiliary is:

  • To support the American Legion programs for veterans, young people, and community
  • To provide for today's needs while being advocates for a brighter future
  • To advance the understanding of patriotism and responsibility of citizenship
  • To promote individual integrity and family values
  • To ensure as volunteers, that Auxiliary members continue to be the leaders in all that is good in this nation today, tomorrow and for generations to come through serving others first and not self.

Eighteen million dollars. . .Ten million hours of service. . .that is what American Legion Auxiliary volunteers contribute in just ONE year! Since our organization was founded more than seven decades ago, the Auxiliary has certainly earned its place in the community. And, as the largest patriotic women's service organization in the world, the Auxiliary has proven its worth in hundreds of ways.

The Auxiliary Emergency Fund is an excellent example of the Auxiliary's dedication to "Women Helping Women."

The Auxiliary's Children and Youth program provides care and strives to improve conditions for all children. The program works to preserve the integrity of the family unit and takes a realistic approach to the needs of children by considering the physical and spiritual, as well as the emotional and educational aspects, of each situation.

The Auxiliary's Community Service program is based on the premise that no organization has a right to exist within the community without giving something to that community in return.

Auxiliary members believe that a solid educational foundation is the cornerstone of American freedom. The Auxiliary's Education program promotes quality education for every child and supports students in their desire to continue their education beyond high school. Auxiliary members work actively with educators and local schools to develop and maintain an educational system that serves the needs of all children at every level.

Girls State is a nonpartisan program that teaches young women responsible citizenship and love for God and Country. Since the inception of the Girls State program in 1937, nearly one million young people have had the opportunity to learn first-hand how their state and local government works.

Auxiliary members are encouraged to get involved and stay informed on local and national issues of special interest to the organization. They keep in close contact with their legislative representatives about issues which concern veterans, young people and entire communities.

The Auxiliary believes in maintaining a strong national defense and endeavors to educate its members on all vital national security issues.

The Poppy Program is the oldest and most widely recognized Auxiliary program. Each year around Memorial Day, Auxiliary volunteers distribute millions of bright red crepe paper poppies in exchange for contributions to assist disabled and hospitalized veterans.

The Auxiliary's Veteran's Affairs and Rehabilitation program provides service and financial assistance to veterans and their families.


Shelley Woeste
(805) 674-2293
1st Vice President
Mary Woeste
(805) 909-2474
2nd Vice President
Jade Bodine
(805) 395-1484
Cindy Pierson
(805) 203-5628
Nancy Carr
(805) 927-5111
Jade Bodine (805) 395-1484
Bambi Fields
(805) 927-1353
Sergeant At Arms
Dixie Walker
(805) 927-3366

Dawn Montgomery

(661) 350-6391
Gwen Kellas
(805) 857-2646
Karen Chrisman
(805) 927-5202

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